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Last Update

December 20, 2017

Contact Information

Name of Externship: Bellevue Hospital Center Psychology Externship Program

Name of Director/Coordinator: Dr. Jennifer A. Mathur

Street Address:

462 First Avenue
New York, NY 10016

Telephone: 212-562-4301

Fax: 212-562-7329

Email: Jennifer Mathur


General Information

Start Date: July 1
End Date: June 30

Mandatory day: Friday

Appropriate for:

Graduate students enrolled in Ph.D., Psy.D., or Ed.D. programs in Clinical, Clinical-School, Counseling, or Health Psychology.

Specialty Tracks (can only apply to 1 track):

Child and Adolescent Outpatient Psychology - 2 externs.
Adolescent Inpatient Psychology - 2 externs.
Child Inpatient Psychology - 1 extern.
Medical Psychology - 1 extern.
Forensic Psychology - 1 extern.
Neuropsychological Assessment - 2 externs.
Adult Inpatient Psychology - 3 externs.

Scheduling (e.g., required/optional days of week, # hrs per day, total hours per week, flexibility in scheduling):

16 hours per week. Required attendance on Fridays.

Required level of readiness (any prior experiences or level of training required for applicants):

Varies per training track. Some tracks will accept students who will be in their second year of graduate training and this would be their first externship, whereas others are open to third- and fourth-year students only.

Preferred level of readiness(any prior experiences preferred for applicants):

Not Specified

Is there a stipend for externs?


Application Process

Application acceptance dates:

Tuesday January 16, 2018 at 9AM to Thursday January 18, 2018 by 9AM. Please see the website for details. The website will have the most up-to-date information by December 31, 2017.

What materials need to be submitted?

  • Cover sheet (see website)
  • CV
  • Cover letter
  • 2 letters of recommendation
  • Additional materials may be required by track. Please see website for details.

How should it be submitted?

A complete application packet by electronic mail directly and only to Dr. Jennifer A. Mathur. Please see website for details.

Any details of the application process (e.g., interviewing, time frame, how decisions are made):

Applicants will be notified about interviews via email. The interview process consists of a general orientation meeting with the Director of the Psychology Externship Program, followed by individual interviews with Track Coordinator.

Description of Externship

Populations commonly served:

Ethnic Minorities
[[TBI/Cog Impairment]/Cognitive Remediation]
Substance Abuse
Chronically and persistently mentally ill
Surviors of Torture

Training models offered:

Evidence based assessment and treatment models
See website description of training tracks for more details.

If any of these models are only available to students under certain circumstances, please indicate:

Intervention training experiences commonly offered:

See website for further details.

If any of these intervention experiences are only available to students under certain circumstances, please indicate:

Not specified.

Expected number of cases seen at any one time: Varies depending upon track.

Assessment training experiences commonly offered:

Varies per track. Please see website for full description.

Expected number of full assessment batteries completed during externship (defined as administration of a battery of standardized tests):

Varies per track. Please see website for full description.

Expected number of assessment reports completed during externship (defined as writing reports based on a battery of standardized tests:

Varies per track. Please see website for full description.


Estimated hours/week of individual supervision: Externs receive 30-45 minutes of supervision per week for individual therapy cases. Supervision may occur in pairs, with no more than 2 trainees discussing 2 individual therapy cases in a 60 minute supervision.
Estimated hours/week of group supervision: 45-60 minutes of group supervision weekly per group.
Estimated hours/week of didactics: 1 hour per week of Extern Seminar Series. Tracks may offer additional didactics; see website for details.

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