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Contact Information

Name of Externship: Kirby Forensic Psychiatric Center

Director of Psychology: James Beacher, Psy.D.
Psychology Externship Coordinator: Cynthia Scheuer, Ph.D.
Street Address: 600 East 125th Street Ward's Island New York 10035

Number of students accepted per academic year: 1 - 2

Telephone: 646-672-5934

Fax: 646-672-6897

Email: Cynthia Scheuer, Ph.D.

Webpage: None.

General Information

Start Date: Beginning of September
End Date: Beginning of July

Appropriate for:


Scheduling (e.g., required/optional days of week, # hrs per day, total hours per week, flexibility in scheduling):

2 days required 2 and one half days preferred. Externship is 16 - 20 hours. Wednesdays and Fridays are required days.

Required level of readiness

It is preferred that applicant have clinical experience as well as experince in administering, scoring, and interpreting assessment tools as well as some experience in forensic psychology.

Priority will be given to applicants with forensic experience and/or training.

Students should be in at least their third year (having already obtained their master's degree) of graduate school:

This cannot be the applicant’s first externship placement. Applicants must have had prior experience with patients on an externship.

Is there a stipend for externs?


Application Process

Do you permit applications before January 20th?


What materials need to be submitted?

  • Application (Application is available at NYSPA’s website)

Letter of interest incorporating academic and career goals as well as expectations for the externship experience.

Unofficial graduate transcript

Two professional writing samples: one case conceptualization and one psychological

Current Curriculum Vitae

Letters of recommendation (2). These letters should be sent directly to the Coordinator of Externship Training and should ideally be from research or clinical supervisors or academic instructors. Recommendation letters should be emailed as signed and scanned PDF documents on agency letterhead.

How should it be submitted?

Email to

Any details of the application process (e.g., interviewing, time frame, how decisions are made):

Applicants will be notified by email or telephone of decision to interview.

Please see NYSPA guidelines for deadlines and other applicaton process information.

Description of Externship

About Kirby Forensic Psychiatric Center

Kirby Forensic Psychiatric Center is a secure psychiatric hospital of the New York State Office of Mental Health. The facility provides secure inpatient psychiatric services for the adult forensic population and serves the courts of New York City and Long Island. Most of the patients are received through the courts under Criminal Procedure Law, or through the OMH Commissioner’s office via the New York State Code of Rules and Regulations regarding hospitalization of the mentally ill. Kirby treats and evaluates approximately 200 patients on 8 wards, including two coeducational wards. It is located on Ward’s Island in New York City and is reached by car or public transportation via the Triboro Bridge (now RFK Bridge.)

Populations commonly served:


Training models offered:

Cognitive Behavioral
Dialectical Behavior Therpay

Intervention training experiences commonly offered:

Individual Psychotherapy
Group Therapy

If any of these intervention experiences are only available to students under certain circumstances, please indicate:

Not specified.
• Meet with patients (2) for individual therapy per year
• Meet with patients as needed for psychological assessments
• Meet with patients for forensic dangerousness evaluations
• Meet with patients for malingering assessments as needed
• Attend Grand rounds
• Attend forensic seminar
• Attend court bi-weekly
• Will present one psychological testing or forensic assessment case
• Co-lead two groups weekly
• Option of running at least one specialty group (Dialectical Behavioral therapy, Sex offender treatment, Trauma, anc competency restoration)

Assessment training experiences commonly offered:

Forensic Assessment
Neuropsychological Testing
Psychoeducational Assessment
Assessment Report Writing
Personality/Psychopathology Assessment
Structured Interviewing
Mental Status Exam


Minimum Supervision Hours Per Extern Per Week:

• Individual therapy – 1 hour
• Group therapy – 1 hour
• Test and evaluation supervision – 2 hours
• Elective supervision – 1 hour (by elective supervisors only)
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Other Comments

If you would like a full brochure regarding our program please email Dr Scheuer.

Coordinator of Externship