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Last Update

February 28, 2017

Contact Information

Name of Externship: Federal Bureau of Prisons - Metropolitan Correctional Center - Psychology Externship Program

Names of Practicum Co-Coordinator: Kari Schlessinger, Psy.D., Ph.D.

Names of Forensic Supervisors: Kari Schlessinger, Psy.D., Ph.D., Samantha E. DiMisa, Ph.D., and Oberlin Montes Zamano, Psy.D.

Street Address:

Department of Justice
Metropolitan Correctional Center
150 Park Row
New York, NY 10007

Telephone: 646-836-6334

Fax: 646-836-7712

Email: Elissa R. Miller, Psy.D.


General Information

Start Date: Thursday after Labor Day
End Date: Last week of August

Appropriate for:

Clinical, Counseling, Forensic

Forensic Practicum:

The practicum at MCC-NY has traditionally been a forensic training program. We continue to provide specialized training to advanced students interested in learning to conduct court-ordered forensic evaluations for federal detainees. Students may participate in all aspects of the evaluations, to include interviewing, testing, and report-writing. We are recruiting for three forensic positions.

Clinical Option for Forensic Students:

Students completing a forensic practicum may elect to add a third day to their externship placement in order to obtain additional clinical and correctional experience. Students electing a third day will learn to conduct intake screenings, crisis intervention, brief counseling, mental status examinations, evaluation and monitoring of medication compliance/response, etc.

Scheduling (e.g., required/optional days of week, # hrs per day, total hours per week, flexibility in scheduling):

Externs are required to be present 2 full days. Students may choose their second day according to their schedule and in coordination with their supervisor.

Required level of readiness (any prior experiences or level of training required for applicants):

Currently, we are accepting applications only from advanced students (third or fourth+ year); doctoral students only.

Preferred level of readiness(any prior experiences preferred for applicants):

Prior assessment experience is preferred for forensic applicants, including classes in cognitive and personality assessment, integrative report writing, diagnosis and psychopathology. Candidates with prior clinical administration experience will be more strongly considered. Applicants for the clinical track with some prior experience providing individual and/or treatment will be preferred. Must have strong written and oral communication skills.

Other eligibility criteria

U.S. citizenship required.
Must be able to pass a thorough background investigation (no history of illicit drug use, criminal arrests, gang affiliation, etc).

Application Process

What is the application process?

Please email to express interest and request our current externship brochure, including a thorough description of the application process. Please access the 2017-2018 PSYDNYS (Psychology Directors of NYS) and NYNJADOT (New York New Jersey Association of Directors of Training)here:

Do you permit applications before January 19?

We follow the recommendations set forth by PSYDNYS (Psychology Directors of NYS) and NYNJADOT (New York New Jersey Association of Directors of Training).

PSYDNYS and NYNJADOT have developed recommended policies to govern the process of applying to externships and accepting internship offers.

PSYDNYS-NYNJADOT Externship Guidelines for 2017-18

What materials need to be submitted?

Please submit *only* the following items with your application:
  • A current curriculum vitae
  • ONE (1) letter of recommendation from a current or past clinical supervisor
  • A brief cover letter describing your interest in MCC-NY and forensic assessment and/or correctional psychology

How should it be submitted?

By e-mail to:

Any details of the application process (e.g., interviewing, time frame, how decisions are made):

Please refer to the PSYDNYS (Psychology Directors of NYS) and NYNJADOT (New York New Jersey Association of Directors of Training)guidelines regarding timelines.
Applications will continue to be accepted until all positions are filled. Group interviews will be conducted throughout February (dates tba). Acceptance offers will begin in accordance with PSYDNYS (Psychology Directors of NYS) and NYNJADOT (New York New Jersey Association of Directors of Training)guidelines.

Description of Externship

The primary goal of MCC-NY’s training program is to provide graduate students with the broad-based experiences needed to become professional psychologists. The training program is flexible, and students may contract for an emphasis in areas such as forensic skills, assessment skills, clinical/correctional psychology, and diagnosis of the seriously mentally ill. We have a strong didactic component. Training will be available in each of the areas listed below:

A. Forensic Evaluations for the Courts (Competency, Criminal

Responsibility, etc.)

B. Multiple Assessment Techniques (i.e. Personality, Intelligence, Cognitive,

Neuropsychological, Malingering, etc.)

C. Suicide Risk Assessment, Crisis Intervention, and Brief Counseling
D. Ethical Issues and Standards of Practice
E. Clinical Interviewing Skills
F. Consultation Skills
G. Comprehensive Report Writing
H. Peer Review, Supervision, Program Evaluation

Please note- Treatment experience is minimal in the forensic track unless you elect a third day.

Populations commonly served:

Adults only
Severe and persistent Mental Illness
Axis II
Substance Abuse
Dual Diagnosis
Males and Females

Training models offered:

Crisis Intervention

Intervention training experiences commonly offered:

Crisis Intervention
Brief Supportive Treatment

Assessment training experiences commonly offered:

Forensic Report Writing
Intakes and Intake Reports
General Assessment Report Writing
Psychological Testing Report Writing
Mental Status Exam

Expected number of full assessment batteries completed during externship (defined as administration of a battery of standardized tests):

Variable based on student's level of expertise and motivation; at least one per month (comprehensive evaluation).

Expected number of assessment reports completed during externship (defined as writing reports based on a battery of standardized tests:

Variable, see above.


Estimated hours/week of individual supervision: 2+
Estimated hours/week of group supervision: 1-2
Estimated hours/week of didactics: 1-2

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Other Comments

Maximum Number of Students to be Accepted for 2017-2018

Forensic Program = 3


Forensic Program = 0