Mount Sinai Division of ADHD, Learning Disorders, and Related Disorders

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The externship at the Mount Sinai Division for ADHD, Learning Disabilities, and Related Disorders is a unique opportunity to gain experience in both neuropsychological assessment and psychotherapy. The externship is approximately 16 hours per week. Externs will work on a variety of clinical and research projects. The vast majority of assessment will be done with children ages 4-17, however, there will be opportunity for at least one adult assessment and one adult psychotherapy patient if the extern is interested. The extern will have approximately 2-3 psychotherapy patients and will perform 10 full neuropsychological batteries throughout the years and 10 small batteries. This externship is open to third and fourth year students only. Externs must have previous experience working with children. Prior experience in a school setting preferred. The externs must have some neuropsychological assessment experience prior to beginning the externship.

Name of Externship: Mount Sinai Division for ADHD, Learning Disabilities, and Related Disorders Name of Director/Coordinator: Ami Norris-Brilliant, PsyD Street Address: Mount Sinai School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry: Box 1230 1 Gustave Levy Place New York, [NY]] 10029

Telephone: (212) 241-4423

Email:, Webpage:

General Information Start Date: August 1st End Date: June 30th Appropriate for: Clinical School Counseling

Preferred level of readiness(any prior experiences preferred for applicants): Child/Adolescent experience required

Application Process

What materials need to be submitted? · Cover letter · CV · Two letters of recommendation, one that specifically speaks to the student's clinical skills · One previously written Psychoeducational or neuropsychological evaluation

How should it be submitted? Submissions are accepted via mail, email. Email is preferred.