Mount Sinai St. Luke's Hospital, Department of Psychiatry, Adult Inpatient Psychiatry Externship

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Last Update

January 6, 2016

Contact Information

Name of Externship: Mount Sinai St. Luke’s Hospital – Adult Inpatient Psychiatry Externship

Name of Director/Coordinator: Nadine A. Chang, Ph.D. and Susan Tross, Ph.D.

Street Address:

440 West 114th Street
New York, NY 10017

Email: [1]


General Information


Start Date: September
End Date: June

Appropriate for:


Scheduling (e.g., required/optional days of week, # hrs per day, total hours per week, flexibility in scheduling):

16-20 hours per week over 2-3 days, Tuesdays preferred

Required level of readiness (any prior experiences or level of training required for applicants):

Preference is given to Clinical Psychology Ph.D. or Psy.D. graduate students entering their third year or beyond. Students should demonstrate prior experience in psychological assessment and psychotherapy as well as interest in working with individuals with severe and persistent mental illness and those with ethnically and culturally diverse backgrounds. Students should have completed courses in psychotherapy and psychological testing by the time the externship starts. Students should demonstrate advanced knowledge of diagnostic classification systems and differential diagnosis. Bilingual students with strong interest in diversity and cross-cultural practice are strongly encouraged to apply.

Is there a stipend for externs?


Application Process

Additional dates for applications?


What materials need to be submitted?

  • Letter of application
  • CV
  • Two letters of recommendation from professional or academic sources
  • A de-identified case summary (not a test report)
  • Letter of readiness. Please include your DCT’s email address.

How should it be submitted?

Interested applicants should send application materials to Dr. Nadine Chang and Dr. Susan Tross

Description of Externship

Populations commonly served:

Ethnic Minorities
Severe and Persistent Mental Illness
The Adult Inpatient Psychiatry unit at Mount Sinai St. Luke’s Hospital, part of the Mount Sinai Health System, is a 32-bed locked unit in the Upper West Side of Manhattan that provides acute care services to an ethnically diverse patient population with psychotic, affective, personality and substance use disorders. Assessment, treatment and discharge planning within this setting focuses on stabilization and reintegration of patients to the community.

Training models offered:


Intervention training experiences commonly offered:

Individual Psychotherapy
Group Therapy

Expected number of cases seen at any one time: 2-3

The externship offers the opportunity for trainees to become familiar with and specialize in short-term, evidence-based approaches (i.e., Cognitive Behavior Therapy) for the treatment of individuals with a wide range of psychiatric disorders in an inpatient setting. Along with individual psychotherapy cases, the extern will co-lead groups using the same treatment modalities.

Assessment training experiences commonly offered:

Personality/Psychopathology Assessment
Assessment Report Writing
Mental Status Exam
Cognitive Assessment
Psychoeducational Assessment

Expected number of full assessment batteries completed during externship (defined as administration of a battery of standardized tests):

as needed or requested

Expected number of assessment reports completed during externship (defined as writing reports based on a battery of standardized tests:

as needed or requested


Estimated hours/week of individual supervision: 2
Estimated hours/week of group supervision: 1
Estimated hours/week of didactics: 2-3 hrs

The extern will work alongside psychiatrists and psychiatry residents, psychologists and psychology interns, social workers, occupational therapists and creative arts therapists, and will also participate in interdisciplinary rounds, treatment planning, Case Conference, Journal Club and Departmental Grand Rounds. The extern will receive weekly supervision with Nadine Chang, Ph.D. for the duration of the externship.

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