NYU Child Study Center Institute for Learning and Academic Achievement Neuropsychology Externship Long Island Campus

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Last Update

December 22, 2015

Contact Information

The Child Study Center at NYU Langone Medical Center
1981 Marcus Ave, Suite C-102
Lake Success , NY 07601

Telephone: 516.358.1808

Fax: 516.35831820

Webpage: http://www.med.nyu.edu/child-adolescent-psychiatry/education/advanced-training/child-study-center-psychology-externship-program-2016-2017
Name of Director/Coordinator Long Island Campus: David Marks, Ph.D.

Email: David Marks, Ph.D.

The Institute for Learning and Academic Achievement Externship General Information

The NYU Child Study Center seeks graduate students to complete a year-long externship in neuropsychology. There is an externship positions available in the Institute for Learning and Academic Achievement (ILAA) at our Long Island campus, located in Lake Success on the Queens Nassau County border David Marks, Ph.D., is the primary coordinator at the Long Island campus.
Long Island Campus 1 Externship Positions Available
Start Date: September 2015
End Date: June 2016


Clinical Responsibilities:

  • Testing:The position will primarily involve performing neuropsychological, psycho-diagnostic, developmental, and psycho-educational evaluations. Patient populations include children with various learning disabilities, ADHD with comorbid learning problems, and various neurological conditions affecting cognitive development and learning. The extern will be required to administer, score, and write reports based on test results. Externs will also participate in intake and feedback sessions. Opportunities for classroom observations to supplement the clinical evaluation are also available.
  • Seminars/Didactics: Externs are required to attend the weekly NYU Child Study Center neuropsychological seminars and welcome to attend the case conference that are held weekly at or through the Bellevue Medical Center in conjunction with the NYU Child Study Center.
  • School Visits: Externs are expected to attend monthly school visits in which we are educated about specialized programs throughout the city.

Non-Clinical Responsibilities

  • Weekly ILAA Neuropsychology Training Seminar
  • Weekly individual and group supervision for testing cases
  • Weekly Case Conference (Fridays 9:00AM-11:00AM)
  • Weekly Grand Rounds (Fridays 11:00AM-12:15PM)
  • Participation in seminars and other educational opportunities


The extern will receive training in cognitive-behavioral case conceptualization. With the guidance and support of a staff psychologist, the extern will prepare a case presentation to present at a team meeting. Case presentations usually consist of a conceptualization, brief literature review, and overview of the treatment approach. This practice exercise aims to help prepare students for advanced training requirements of internships. Externs can also assist in presentations given to the NYU academic community, as well as to local community organizations and professional groups.

Psychotherapy (optional):

Psychotherapy experience may be arranged on an individual basis if other supervisors have the availability, though this cannot be guaranteed. Any interest in doing psychotherapy should be discussed during the interview process so that the possibilities can be assessed. Patient populations primarily include children and adolescents with ADHD, ODD, and Mood and Anxiety Disorders. Staff orientation is generally cognitive-behavioral in therapeutic approach.


Although this is primarily a clinical externship, the CSC is committed to the scientist-practitioner model and aims to comply with Houston Guidelines for training in Neuropsychology. We conduct dissemination and translational research, from efficacy trials to real-world implementation. Externs will have opportunities to participate in research projects, which may lead to publication or presentation at professional conferences.

Time Requirement:

Two full days per week will be required, 9:00am – 5:00pm. The schedule is coordinated in accordance with your supervisor at each site.

Application Process and Contact Information:

Those interested in applying for the The Institute for Learning and Academic Achievement Long Island Externship Position should submit via csc-psychtraining@nyumc.org the following documents: Applicants with further questions should contact David Marks, Ph.D., at 516.359.1808 or David Marks, Ph.D. ]

  • CV
  • Letter of interest
  • writing sample(intake report preferred)
  • Attestation letter from your graduate program stating your eligibility for externship
  • Two to three letters of recommendation (from professors or clinical supervisors)

The applicant should also include a list of tests divided into three categories:

(1) Tests that can be administered proficiently,
(2) Tests that the applicant has some experience with, but requires more training in, and
(3) Tests that the applicant has no experience with but would like to learn about if possible.