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Last Update

January 21, 2018

We will be accepting externs again for the 2018 academic year and look forward to receiving applications starting on January 16, 2018 at 9 A.M..

Contact Information

Name of Externship: Nassau University Medical Center Clinical Psychology Externship

Name of Externship Coordinator: Nicholas Forlenza, Ph.D.

Street Address: 2201 Hempstead Tpke. East Meadow, N.Y. 11554

Telephone: 516-572-3244

Fax: 516-296-2284


General Information

Start date: September 7, 2018

End date: June 1, 2019

Appropriate for: Clinical Psychology trainees

Scheduling: 2 or 2 1/2 days per week, depending on rotation desired (one of which must be a Friday)

Internship Policy: Accepting an externship placement at NUMC does not interfere with a candidate's ability to return as an intern, regardless of how recently the externship was completed. The opportunity to work with an extern for a full academic year and observe the quality of their work will often give that extern an advantage when applying for the internship program.

Application Process

Materials to be submitted:

1. a brief cover letter, stating interest in our program and rotations of interest

2. a letter from the director of training at your school, stating that you are a student in good standing and eligible for externship

3. a transcript of your graduate work in psychology

4. a resume/CV

5. a de-identified current psychological evaluation of cognitive and emotional functioning

6. 2 letters of recommendation

How should materials be submitted?

Applications can be sent via email or standard mail, though email is preferred. On the cover letter included as part of the application, please indicate the 2 inpatient rotations of greatest interest, as well as whether you would prefer your outpatient caseload to be in the child clinic or the adult clinic.

When should materials be submitted?

NUMC follows the guidelines established by PSYDNYS regarding the externship application process. We will not accept applications prior to 9 A.M. on Tuesday, January 16th 2018 (as per PSYDNYS guidelines). Interviews will start following that date and continue right up until the first day an offer can be made. The earliest date on which an offer can be made to a student is Monday, February 26th at 9:00 am.

Prior experience required:

With regards to prior experience needed, background in psychological assessment assessment is helpful. Extern candidates need at least to have had the didactic preparation to do psychological assessments; the amount of hands-on experience can vary and we consider applicants with very little experience.

NUMC does accept applications from students concurrently applying for internship.

Interview Time-frame

Interviews will begin on January 22nd and will likely continue to Friday, February 23rd.

Description of Externship


Nassau University Medical Center (NUMC) is a 530-bed tertiary care teaching hospital that has provided vital medical serves to Nassau County since 1935. The psychology externship at NUMC has a total of 7 positions that provide training with both an outpatient and inpatient component. 5 of these externs will be assigned to the adult outpatient clinic for their outpatient placement and 2 will be assigned to the child and adolescent clinic.

We adhere to the guidelines introduced by the graduate programs, limiting the hours of externship according to the parameters set by each program. These hours will often need to be spread across 2 ½ days. However, depending on the rotation desired the extern may be able to fulfill their requirements in 2 days (this will be detailed below). All externs need to attend the required didactic seminars and an administrative meeting held on Friday mornings. Days and hours are flexible. Friday is the only required day.

Nassau University Medical Center enthusiastically welcomes applications for our internship program from our past externs. This in no way adversely affects the ranking of these applicants, regardless of the prxomity between externship and internship year. In fact very often preference is given to these applicants because of the experience that the supervisors have with the student.

The extern will carry an outpatient adult and/or child caseload of about 3 patients, for the entire duration of the externship. The population is heterogeneous, many patients are severely character disordered, many are chronically mentally ill. The extern is also placed in two hospital based/inpatient rotations among adult or child psychiatry units, consultation and liaison, and neuropsychology. These rotations are sequential, and are ½ the duration of the externship (4.5 months each). Individual psychotherapy, group psychotherapy and psychological assessment in these settings are the primary experiences offered.

Inpatient Rotations Offered

Unit 01

01 is an adult inpatient unit treating severely ill patients whom have demonstrated a tendency of acting out violently or in an otherwise dangerous manner. The extern’s experience on this unit includes individual psychotherapy, group psychotherapy, and psychological assessments. On this rotation hours can be split over 2 days in the week (one must still be Friday).

Unit 02

02 is the child and adolescent inpatient rotation. The population consists of 5 to 17 year olds presenting with a wide range of psychological disorders requiring inpatient care. The extern’s experience on this unit includes individual psychotherapy, group psychotherapy, and psychological assessments. On this rotation hours must be split over 3 days in the week.

Unit 12 and Unit 14

These are 2 separate units consisting of a total of 87 adult inpatient beds. Each unit has one extern placed there per rotation. On these units the extern’s experience includes individual psychotherapy, group psychotherapy, and psychological assessments. On the unit 14 rotation hours can be split over 2 days in the week (one must still be Friday). The unit 12 rotation requires that hours be split over 3 days in the week.

Consultation and Liaison (C&L)

On this rotation the extern will join a team responding to the mental health needs of patients who have been admitted to services throughout the medical center. The extern will participate in making bedside assessments regarding the psychiatric needs of these patients and deliver therapy to the patients as needed. This rotation requires that hours be split over 3 days in the week.


The extern on this rotation will be supervised by a neuropsychologist and complete neuropsychological assessments of both inpatients and outpatients at NUMC. There is an opportunity to participate in cognitive remediation group therapy (occurs on Thursdays) as well. On this rotation hours can be split over 2 days in the week (one must still be Friday).


Two hours a week minimum of individual supervision will be given: one hour for outpatient work, and one hour with the inpatient psychologist to supervise the extern’s work on the inpatient service. There is an administrative meeting on Friday mornings that the extern is required to attend. If the externs elect to do additional work, such as a mini-rotation on one of the inpatient units (e.g. carrying a child inpatient case while primarily assigned to an adult unit), or are assigned an outpatient assessment, additional supervision will be given. Much of our psychology staff is psycho-dynamically oriented, but the extern can expect to be exposed to other orientations such as cognitive behavioral, family systems approaches and eclectic approaches.


There is a seminar held on Friday mornings from 9:00 am to 10:15 am. Seminars are diverse and include topics ranging from therapeutic interventions for substance abuse, trauma victims, and families to neuropsychological and personality assessment. Case seminars are also included as part of the Friday didactics. Externs are also welcome to attend the grand rounds held by the psychiatry department every Wednesday from 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm. Grand Rounds attendance is entirely voluntary for the extern.