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Contact Information

Name of Externship: Mount Sinai St. Luke's Hospital--Psychiatric Recovery Center & Outpatient Psychiatric Clinic

Name of Director/Coordinator: Jennifer S. McKelvey, PhD

Street Address:

411 West 114th Street
New York, NY 10025

Telephone: (212) 523- 5371

Fax: (212) 523 7000

Email: Jennifer S. McKelvey, PhD


General Information

Start Date: July 1 2018 End Date: June 30 2019

Appropriate for:

Clinical or Counseling Psychology PhD or PsyD, preferably a 4th year student

Mt Sinai St. Luke’s Hospital, Psychiatric Recovery Center (PRC) and Outpatient Psychiatric Clinic (OPC) 2014


Mt Sinai St. Luke’s Hospital
411 West 114 St, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10025
Associate Director & Coordinator: Jennifer S. McKelvey, Ph.D.
Phone Number 212.523.5371
Email: cc:

Applying to St. Luke’s – Psychiatric Recovery Center Externship

Qualifications: Preference is given to Clinical or Counseling Psychology Ph.D. or Psy.D. graduate students preferably entering their fourth year or beyond. Students should demonstrate prior experience in psychological assessment and psychotherapy as well as interest in working with individuals with severe mental illness and those with ethnically and culturally diverse backgrounds. Students should have completed at least two courses in psychological testing by the time the externship starts. Preference will be given to students who have completed at least 1-2 testing reports. Students should demonstrate advanced knowledge of diagnostic classification systems (DSM and dynamic diagnosis), differential diagnosis. Bilingual students with strong interest in diversity and cross-cultural practice are strongly encouraged to apply. Submit your cover letter, Curriculum Vitae, Letters of Recommendation from at least 2 clinical supervisors, and a sample of a de-identified psychological evaluation write-up to: Dr. Jennifer S. McKelvey E-mail: Tel.: 212.523.5371 and Dr. Leora Heckelman E-mail:

Clinic Description

The Psychiatric Recovery Center (PRC) is a division of the Department of Psychiatry of Mt Sinai St. Luke’s Hospital, a teaching hospital. Located next to the Columbia University campus and in the heart of the Morningside Community, the PRC is an adult outpatient clinic designed to meet the needs of individuals with severe and persistent mental illness, typically Schizophrenia and Bipolar spectrum disorders, often with trauma and/or substance abuse co-morbidities. Our clients are demographically and culturally diverse (Spanish speaking, African-American and other ethnic groups). In addition to clinical services, the program, informed by a recovery/rehabilitation model, promotes vocational and occupational goals and development, through on-site or outside programming. We serve approximately 800 clients in our community each year. Embedded within the PRC is the Prevention, Education, Evaluation, and Rehabilitation (PEER) Program, specializing in the treatment of First Episode Psychosis in young adults.

The Adult Outpatient Psychiatry Clinic (OPC) offers comprehensive outpatient treatment for individuals diagnosed with primary psychiatric or personality disorders. These include mood disorders, anxiety disorders, and other psychiatric disorders. Individuals are treated with a focus on a return to optimal functioning and improvement in the ability to live a meaningful life. Embedded within the OPC is our Young Adult Program. There are 3 specialty tracks within this program: DBT Skills, Transition and Prodrome.


An interdisciplinary team of clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, nurse practitioners, and peer counselors staffs the PRC and OPC. As part of the Department of Psychiatry of Mt. Sinai St. Luke’s Hospital, our clinics are committed to educating future clinicians. In keeping with that mission, our staff includes an array of behavioral health students: Psychology interns and externs, postdoctoral psychology fellows, in-house psychiatry residents, and social work interns.

Location and Hours

The Center is located at 411 West 114th Street, 5th floor, between Amsterdam and Morningside Drive. The Center operates 8:00 AM–5:00 PM, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM Tuesday and Thursday.

Externship Description

The externship is 12 months in duration, beginning July 1 and ending on June 30th. Externs complete a 16-hour work week. The schedule is somewhat flexible, though attendance on Wednesdays, 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM for participation in Assessment and Psychotherapy Didactics, and Team Meetings is mandatory. Students enjoy partial winter and spring breaks as well as personal time off.

Psychology externs are an integral part of PRC's multidisciplinary team and interact directly with members of the treatment team and patients, under close supervision. There are 2 position(s) available for the 2017-2018 year.

Clinical Duties

All clinical activities take place within the our Outpatient Clinics.

• Individual Psychotherapy (ongoing treatment of 8-12 cases each year). Our staff members have most typically an integrative orientation, with strong cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic, and experiential training backgrounds. Externs receive training in the therapeutic modalities used in their practice. Students are encouraged to video or audio record their sessions for supervision. All externs will conduct Group Psychotherapy sessions. These will be run with PRC or OPC staff, intern or postdoctoral fellow co-leaders. Supervision will be provided. Our clinics offer a number of groups (Coping skills, psychoeducation, cognitive remediation, Co-Occurring Disorders, Social Skills, etc.) Externs receive weekly group or individual supervision, and training relevant to their group work.

• Psychological Assessment. Externs complete 1-2 comprehensive assessments under the close supervision of licensed psychologists. Assessment batteries typically include WAIS-IV, Rorschach, TAT, PAI, MMPI-II or MCMI-III and R-BANS. Assessment work is based on evidence-based principles and may also be informed by dynamic principles. Externs may act as Consultation Liaison for PRC or OPC referrers, typically MD, LCSW or Ph.D. staff, as well as conduct intakes through our Comprehensive Assessment Center (CAC), which is the entry point for all individuals seeking outpatient treatment

• Weekly team meeting (held every Tuesday, 4:00PM – 5:00PM). Attendance to this meeting offers the opportunity to participate in lively team discussion about cases or system issues

Didactic Activities

The following is a list of planned activities for the year 2018-2019

• Psychopharmacology

• CBT for Psychosis

• Differential Diagnosis and Prodromal Psychosis

• Peer Specialist presentation

• Grand Rounds (Weekly Psychiatry Department Meetings, Wednesday 11AM)

• Case Conferences (Monthly Outpatient case presentations; Tuesdays 4:00PM)

• Other ongoing relevant training (i.e., Mental health/AOT laws, case management and external resources; participation in departmental training events)

• Externs are also able and encouraged to attend relevant off- site training during externship time when possible


Supervision is provided by several outpatient licensed staff members such as PhD, LCSW, or MD. Externs receive an average of 1 to 3 weekly hours of supervision. All assessment work is supervised by licensed psychologists with 1 hour weekly individual sessions. Most individual psychotherapy work is supervised during weekly individual or group sessions by PhD professionals. Externs receive weekly group or individual supervision for group therapy.

Application Process

Applications will be accepted between January 17, 2017 and January 31, 2017

What materials need to be submitted?

  • CV
  • BRIEF cover letter
  • Two letters of Recommendation
  • De-identified psychological assessment report

How should it be submitted?

Email to Dr. McKelvey and Dr. Rinaldi

Any details of the application process (e.g., interviewing, time frame, how decisions are made):

All applications are reviewed, only best candidates are interviewed. Will follow the 2017-2018 guidelines: offers will be made on February 27, 2017.

Intervention training experiences commonly offered:

Opportunity to learn current evidenced based and promising treatment interventions for individuals diagnosis with serious mental illness, specifically schizophrenia.

Other Comments

For questions, please contact Dr. McKelvey at 212 523-5371 or