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Last Update

Jan 10, 2017

Contact Information

Name of Externship: Yachad/NJCD - School Externship

Name of Director/Coordinator: Dr. Jeff Lichtman, National Director/ Dr. Leah Israeli, Externship Director

Street Address:

11 Broadway - 13th floor
NY, NY 10004

School externs must be in Brooklyn schools 2X/week. Additional days may be in satellite locations: Manhattan, New Jersey, Queens, or LI

Telephone: 212-613-8229

Fax: 212-613-0796

Email: lichtmanj@ou.org/ IsraeliL@ou.org

Webpage: http://www.njcd.org/

General Information

Start Date: September
End Date: June

Appropriate for:

Combined School/Clinical

Scheduling (e.g., required/optional days of week, # hrs per day, total hours per week, flexibility in scheduling): Two days or three days per week, approximately 7-8 hours per day. Total hours per week are 16-24, depending on doctoral program requirements.There is much flexibility in externship days and hours.

Required level of readiness (any prior experiences or level of training required for applicants):

Second-, third-, fourth-year (and higher) Doctoral candidates are considered.

Preferred level of readiness(any prior experiences preferred for applicants):


Is there a stipend for externs?


Application Process

Do you permit applications before January 15?


What materials need to be submitted?

  • Cover Letter
  • CV
  • One letter of reference

How should it be submitted?

Email to IsraeliL@ou.org

Any details of the application process (e.g., interviewing, time frame, how decisions are made):

Yachad/NJCD follows the guidelines established by the Psychology Directors of NYS (PSYDNYS). Applications will be accepted beginning January 15. Interviews will be scheduled upon receipt of the student's completed application. Offers of externship will be made in accordance with the timeframes agreed upon by the Psychology Directors of NYS (PSYDNYS).

Description of Externship

Program Overview

The Predoctoral Externship Program in Psychology at the National Jewish Council for Disabilities has been operating for over five years. Doctoral students in school, clinical, and other psychology programs are given the opportunity to apply their skills in school, day habilitation, and vocational training programs to better the lives of children and adults with developmental disabilities. Extern placements are part-time (2-3 days), unfunded positions.

Child Track

The Child Externship track takes place at the IVDU Girl’s Elementary School, Girl’s Upper School, or Boy’s Upper School, all located in Brooklyn. The IVDU Schools are self-contained, special education programs for students with developmental disabilities between the ages of 5 and 21. The externship is ten months long, running from September through June. In this placement, externs will have the opportunity to work with children, adolescents, and young adults with various disabilities. Externs will provide a full spectrum of services, including assessment, individual therapy, group counseling, parent outreach, behavioral management, and crisis intervention.

Adult Track

The Adult Externship track takes place in Brooklyn at the Jewish Union Foundation, at the Main Office in lower Manhattan, and at the New Jersey office in Teaneck, NJ. Externs in the Adult Track will provide individual therapy, group counseling, assessment, and vocational training to adults (age 21 and above) with various developmental disabilities. Externs also help run the Relationship Building Course (RBC), a program designed to help individuals with developmental disabilities acquire practical social skills for everyday living in home, community, and social settings, and for participants to learn the skills necessary to foster meaningful and lasting interpersonal relationships. This externship is ten to twelve months long, depending on the extern’s requirements. Some evening hours are required.

Populations commonly served:

Young Adults
Learning Disabilities
Developmental Disabilities
Autism Spectrum
Emotional Disability

If any of these populations are only available to students under certain circumstances, please indicate:


Training models offered:

Group Therapy

If any of these models are only available to students under certain circumstances, please indicate:


Intervention training experiences commonly offered:

Individual Psychotherapy
Group Therapy
School Consultation
Family Consultation
Behavioral Observation

If any of these intervention experiences are only available to students under certain circumstances, please indicate:


Expected number of cases seen at any one time: 4-6 individual therapy cases (or more as needed/requested by the student), 1 or more groups (as per student interest)

Assessment training experiences commonly offered:

Psychoeducational assessment
Intake Report Writing
Assessment Report Writing
Personality/Psychopathology Assessment

If any of these assessment experiences are only available to students under certain circumstances, please indicate:


Expected number of full assessment batteries completed during externship (defined as administration of a battery of standardized tests):

Children, adolescent and adults with disabilities; school-type batteries including but not limited to intelligence tests, projective tests, adaptive behavioral scales and visual motor assessments; 2-4 batteries per month

Expected number of assessment reports completed during externship (defined as writing reports based on a battery of standardized tests:

see above


Estimated hours/week of individual supervision: 1 hour.
Estimated hours/week of group supervision: 1
Estimated hours/week of didactics: Approximately 1-2 hours per month. Additional training available as student's time permits.


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