Academics West
10023, New york, New York, United States

Externship Overview

Academics West is committed to improving the academic and social and emotional functioning of all of its students. Our mission is  to foster citizenship and to teach our students to use effective compensatory strategies so they become independent and strategic learners, capable of achieving their goals. We embrace the most current evidence-based practices to develop new interventions to best serve our students, train our staff and create a culture of integrity, tolerance, and support.

At Academics West, we believe that understanding the mind is essential to teaching children how to learn effectively. Thus, all students receive the support of an educational psychologist.  These psychologists are actively involved in the development of our academic programming, ensuring that our work is informed by scientific practice.  Our educational staff is trained intensively  in our Clinically Informed Academics® model.  The goal is to teach children to be successful strategic learners by utilizing our unique cognitive strategies, which enables students to become autonomous and motivated learners.  The majority of our staff are seasoned, certified general and special education teachers dedicated to supporting students and their families.

The ​Therapeutic Educational Program (TEP), is an accredited K - 12 academic program that provides a flexible and supportive learning environment that can serve as an alternative to a traditional school setting. Academics West provides intensive support for children and adolescents who need a customized therapeutic educational program based on their learning profile and emotional needs.
Academics West - new york, New York

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