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PSYDNYS-NYNJADOT Externship Guidelines for 2017-18

Last updated 12/13/16


  1. There will be a six-week period between submission of applications and the first date on which offers may be made to students. The earliest date that students may submit applications is 9:00 am, Tuesday, January 17, 2017. The earliest date on which an offer may be made to a student is Monday, February 27 at 9 am.
  2. Offers can be made between 9am and 5 pm. Offers can only be made via email and respective DCTs must be copied on the email offers. Phone calls are not acceptable.
  3. During the period of time that guidelines governing the externship process are in effect, applicants may hold no more than one offer during any 2-hour time period. That is, applicants must decline second and all subsequent offers within any two hours’ time of receipt.
  4. Students receiving offers on Monday, February 27, have until 9:00 AM on Tuesday February 28 to accept or reject the offer they are holding.
  5. Students who receive an offer on Tuesday February 28 BEFORE 3 pm have until 9 AM on Wednesday to accept or reject the offer.
  6. Offers made after 3 pm Tuesday are no longer governed by the Externship Guidelines. That is, Externship Guidelines for the 2017-18 Externship Match are suspended AFTER 3 pm on the second day, Tuesday February 28.
  7. Students who receive an offer after 3 pm on February 28, 2017 will abide by each site’s stated guidelines with regard to the time allowed to respond to offers. The site’s guidelines are to be judiciously and fairly enacted. Sites should provide at least a one to two hour period for the student to make a decision.
  8. All application materials, including letters of recommendation, are to be sent electronically as attachments in a single email or as hard copies mailed in one packet. It is recommended that the contents of the letters be transparent to the students.
  9. Sites are should update their WIKI information prior to December 1. Sites should include number of positions that are offered by the placement and number of hours required (http://psychpracticum.fdu.edu/index.php/Main_Page);
  10. Sites should update the number of positions by 5:00pm on each of the first two days of the match (February 27 and February 28).
  11. Students need to insert their DCT’s name, email address and phone numbers on their CVs.
  12. Students need to inform the sites and DCTs of acceptances and subsequent withdrawals from all sites where they were granted interviews. If the site has posted “all positions filled” on the wiki, students are not required to send withdrawal email.
  13. Students must confirm receipt of any interview offer by emailing the Externship Coordinator at the site and DCT.
  14. Students must confirm receipt of any placement offer by emailing the Externship Coordinator at the site.
  15. Students should check their SPAM folders to ascertain if any interview or acceptance offer has been directed to SPAM.
  16. Students should ask for letters of recommendation from their faculty or others as early as possible in the semester.
  17. Students are not to send “Thank you” notes to their interviewers or to other professionals at the externship site.
  18. As of February 7, it is permissible for applicants to contact sites (via email) and inquire if they are still being considered for an interview. Students should consult their DCTs before they send the email (See item 28c for related information)
  19. Externship Coordinators

  20. It is recommended that Externship Coordinators set a specific date when they will stop accepting applications. (The WIKI site will accommodate this data.) Of course you will be able to change the date as is warranted.
  21. It is recommended that Externship Coordinators provide information on their WIKI page as to whether attending the externship will reduce, increase, or have no impact on the students’ chances of attending that site’s internship. For example, some sites may accept students for internship who have externed at their site and others do not. Some will accept a student if there is a one-year gap between the externship and internship experiences; some will accept without a gap year. It is recommended that the externship site make their policy transparent.
  22. Externship Coordinators should state, on their webpage and WIKI site, whether their site is willing to interview students who are concurrently applying for internship. (see item 29a.)
  23. Externship Coordinators need to cc (via email only) DCTs on all interview offers, acceptances and rejections.
  24. ECs are strongly encouraged to post their time frame for interviewing.
  25. DCTs

  26. DCTs should affirm their students’ rankings prior to Match day.
  27. Eligibility letters should state if the student is applying for both externship and internship during the current cycle.
  28. DCTs will provide Letters of Eligibility that specify the number of hours that students can complete on externship.
  29. Number of hours that students are permitted to complete on externship: Students who are applying for their first or second externship are permitted to complete no more than 16 hours per week on externship, excepting students applying for a second externship for their 4th year of doctoral training who may apply to sites requiring a maximum of 20 hours per week with the permission of their DCT. Students who are applying for their third or fourth externships are permitted to complete no more than 20 hours per week on externship.
  30. DCTs will oversee their students’ compliance with all the guidelines – and specifically, adherence to the policies concerning acceptance and rejection of offers
  31. Limiting the number of student applications: a. Students applying for PRE-DOCTORAL INTERNSHIP (through the APPIC Match or otherwise) MUST ATTEST, on their externship application, that they are applying for an internship concurrent with the application for externship. These students must receive their DCT’s approval to apply for externship concurrent with internship applications. The externship site should state their position about such applications on their website and WIKI site. b. DCTs are to place limits on the number of applications that students can initially submit (from Jan 17 until February 7). Students who are applying for a clinical externship for the first time are permitted to apply to no more than ten sites prior to February 7. Students applying for their second clinical externship can apply to no more than eight sites; students applying for their third externship are permitted to apply to no more than six sites prior to Feb 7. c. After Feb 7, DCTs will discuss the usefulness of additional submissions with their students (second wave of applications)

WIKI Main Page: HERE

Reports of violations of these guidelines can be lodged HERE

The current list of DCTs for the region is available HERE.