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5-12, 13-17, 18-25, 26-64, 65+

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Tuesday AM

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Any Level


October 18, 2018

Long Island Jewish Medical Center – Neuropsychology Track at North Shore University Hospital/Long Island Jewish Medical Center/Zucker Hillside Hospital

General information about externship site:

Director of the Program:  Paul Mattis, PhD, ABPP/ABCN                        

URL for Externship Brochure: https://professionals.northwell.edu/graduate-medical-education/psychology-training-program-zucker-hillside-hospital

Length of externship (in months): 12 Months

Start Date: July is preferred

End Date: June 

How many hours a week are expected of extern?: At least 2-days (16 hours) per week

Specialty tracks: Neuropsychology

# of externs to be accepted for 2019-20: 6, 2 in each service

When do you expect to begin interviews? Interviews may be delayed until after internship interviews
Interview process: Interviews will be scheduled directly with site supervisor.


Estimate hours/week of individual supervision: 2-3
Estimated hour/week of didactics: 2-3
Didactics: Neuropsychology seminar (Tuesday Mornings: required), neurology grand rounds (Fridays), psychiatry grand rounds (Wednesday)

Description of Externship:
The Clinical Neuropsychology externship program within Northwell Health includes training opportunities within

·  Department of Neurology: Neuroscience Institute (2 programs)

·   Department of Psychiatry: Zucker Hillside Hospital

All programs offer supervised clinical training in neuropsychological assessment of patients with actual or suspected cerebral dysfunction, which consists primarily of comprehensive outpatient neuropsychological assessments. 

All programs utilize a hypothesis-testing approach to assessment and may use flexible neuropsychological batteries. Externs will participate in all aspects of assessment including interview, exam administration, report writing, and feedback to patients and professionals. These activities are all performed under a high degree of supervision from a licensed psychologist specializing exclusively in neuropsychology. Externs are trained alongside clinical psychology interns specializing in neuropsychology and neuropsychology post-doctoral fellows. Trainees may also participate in extensive didactic programs that include a weekly neuropsychology seminars and Neurology and Psychiatry Rounds.


Department of Neurology/Neuroscience Institute (2 slot)

Supervisor: Yael Cukier, Ph.D. and Erica Meltzer, Ph.D.

Within the Department of Neurology externs gain intensive training in neuropsychological assessment of adults with actual or suspected neurological diseases and disorders. Trainees obtain supervised experience of outpatient neuropsychological evaluations of patients referred from the Department of Neurology and other sources. These evaluations can include comprehensive assessments of epilepsy patients from the Department's Comprehensive Epilepsy Center, such as candidates for epilepsy surgery. Patients with suspected dementia, mild injury, stroke, neoplasm, infectious diseases, and other neurological disorders are also seen as part of this service. It is also common for referrals to come from affiliated neurosurgeons (e.g., pre-operative and follow up assessments of patients with brain tumor), community neurologists, geriatricians and psychiatrists. Opportunities are available to observe respective neurosurgery in the O.R. and participate in Wada testing and cortical mapping of cerebral functions with electrical stimulation of the brain. Within this program externs can also gain experience in the neuropsychological assessment of children with developmental, neurological, and medical disorders.


Department of Neurology/Neuroscience Institute (2 slots)

Supervisor: Paul J. Mattis, Ph.D., ABPP-CN

Within this program externs gain training in neuropsychological assessment of adults with a variety of neurological diseases. Trainees consult with neurologist, neurosurgeons, and psychiatrists regarding diagnostic issues such as dementia, acquired brain injury, stroke, and epilepsy. There is an emphasis on patients with movement disorders, and externs will have the opportunity to assess patients with Parkinson's disease and essential tremor as part of their work up for consideration of treatment with deep brain stimulation. There is also an opportunity to evaluate patients' readiness to undertake genetic testing for the HD gene.

Within this program, trainees also gain experience in the comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation of children, ages 6-years and older. Pediatric referrals tend to come directly from parents, school districts, pediatricians, and pediatric neurologists. The majority of patients in this program have developmental disorders, such as LD, ADHD, and Autism. However, children with genetic and acquired brain disorders (traumatic brain injury and brain tumors) are also seen regularly.


Department of Psychiatry/Zucker Hillside Hospital (2 slots)

Supervisor: Philip Watson, Ph.D.

 This program is housed within The Center for Neuropsychological Services at Zucker Hillside Hospital, a general outpatient neuropsychology practice that serves clients from age 6-years-old through the lifespan. Externs gain experience with neuropsychological assessment of adult clients with a variety of neurologic, medical, and psychiatric illnesses, including neurodegenerative disorders, epilepsy, traumatic brain injury, autoimmune disorders, and depression. Pediatric evaluations commonly address diagnostic issues related to developmental disorders such as learning disability and ADHD, but also commonly address acquired disorders including cancer and traumatic brain injury. Opportunities also exist for neuropsychological consultation on inpatient psychiatry units to assist in differential diagnoses and involvement in outpatient cognitive remediation intervention.


For Further Information:Please address questions regarding the neuropsychology externship to Paul Mattis, Ph.D. via e-mail at pmattis@northwell.edu. 


Applicant Eligibility: Clinical Neuropsychology Externship

 The applicant must be a candidate for the Ph.D. or Psy.D. in a psychology program in clinical or other relevant area of professional psychology, or be enrolled in a qualified re-specialization program. Applicant should have at least one year of prior externship or practicum experience, and coursework in assessment.


All neuropsychology externships require a time commitment of at least 2-days (16 hours) per week over a 12 month period.  July starts are preferred, in order to coincide with the start of the internship training year. Externs are permitted the equivalent of four weeks of vacation during the 12-month training year, but requests for time off must be cleared with supervisors in advance. Seminars are held on Tuesday mornings to which externs should plan on attending.

 Interviews are required and will be held after the end of the internship recruitment period.

Application Procedure:

To apply: access the APA Externship ectory (https://psychpracticum.apa.org/), select the "Long Island Jewish Medical Center - Neuropsychology Track at North Shore University Hospital/Long Island Jewish Medical Center/Zucker Hillside Hospital" and upload the following application materials:

1. Cover letter (include the externship site/concentration you are applying to),

2. Curriculum Vitae,

3. Writing sample, preferably a de-identified neuropsychological assessment report

4. Two letters of recommendation,

5. A letter from the of your doctoral training program attesting to your good standing in the program and your readiness for practicum training. Please include your DCT's email address.

6. Note: In addition to the above, please send a summary of neuroscience/neuropsychology classes to Dr. Paul Mattis at pmattis@northwell.edu and include"Externship Application 2019"in the subject line (do not send before January 22, 2019).

On interview, bring a copy of your most recent graduate school transcript (photocopy is acceptable; if accepted into the externship a registrar's original will be required).

Company Name:

Long Island Jewish Medical Center – Neuropsychology Track at North Shore University Hospital/Long Island Jewish Medical Center/Z


Manhasset, New York

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Mandatory Days:

Tuesday AM

Appropriate for:

Any Level


October 18, 2018

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